Ann McLaren is a Vancouver-based figurative sculptor and artist who has been exploring different materials and mediums since 1987.  Ann’s studies began at the Emily Carr College of Art & Design in Vancouver BC where she learnt the foundations of her sculpture practice.

As co-owner of Third Dimension Studios, Ann created figurative sculptures both historical and contemporary for such clients as the NASA Space Center in Houston Texas, the Florida Museum of Natural History, Tiffany’s Jewelers and the DNA Laboratory, in Cold Springs, New York.

Her film industry work, special make-up effects, where she specializes in the sculpting, fabricating and application of prosthetics, includes working with Gordon Smith on X-Men I & II, prototypes for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Splice, Fringe (the pilot), and Spectral Motion on X-Men III and the Fantastic 4 franchise.

Ann continues her exploration into new avenues of her medium, most recently studying forensic facial reconstruction with Karen Taylor and Betty-Pat Gatliff in Norman, Oklahoma and Scottsdale, Arizona.  She has used these skills working with local Police’s missing persons department creating age-reconstruction portraits.

Her own art practice, which combines her love of figurative sculpture with the constantly changing materials introduced in her evolving commercial work often has a kinetic component.  Her pieces, which reference art history, prehistory and popular culture, have been exhibited in Vancouver’ Artropolis, at the SAG and The Community Arts Council of Vancouver.

Ann also teaches in the Media Arts Department at the Art Institute of Vancouver, introducing real-world sculpture skills to 3-D computer students.

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